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Red Wines produced at their origin.

We specialized in red wines produced and bottled at origin that reflect the character and identity of Maipo Alto, located on the foothills of the Andes Mountains, its soils are deep, stony and low in nutrients.

The Climate is Mediterranean, with dry summers of great luminosity and thermal amplitude.

Ideal combination to produce high quality wines

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Organic Winemaking

Our organic wines are free of added flavors, colors, and synthetic preservatives. They are also free of pesticide residues and any genetically modified organisms. We make our organic wines by letting nature due its work, while investigating the best practices to continually increase their quality.

Healthy Vineyards

Organic management allows for the correct control of pests and diseases in the vineyards. The increase of biodiversity through the use of biological corridors is key to maintaining heathy vines. We minimize the use of outside additives to maintain these healthy vines, and instead use only products certified for organic agriculture.

Organic culture

We promote the development of organic culture and its benefits. We train our grape suppliers in the ways of organic management, and we hold workshops and talks at universities and schools to incentivize future professionals to practice this more sustainable agriculture. We also help rural schools with organic gardens in elementary education, and we have organic gardens for our workers.

People and Fair Trade

Respect for the dignity of the people that work at Emiliana is a fundamental value that motivated the development of our organic agriculture. We are certified Fair Trade, and have different initiatives of corporate social responsibility that guarantee conditions for the human development of Emiliana’s workers and in the surrounding communities.


At the end of the 1990s, Rafael and José Guilisasti were very visionary in perceiving that the market was beginning to change, and global consumers were beginning to consciously choose the products they were consuming, not just in terms of their health, but also due to its environmental and social effects.


Together with visionary winemaker Álvaro Espinoza, they began converting a conventional Chilean winery into a 100% organic and biodynamic winery, with the firm objective of creating wines of the highest quality while respecting people and the environment.

After more than 2 decades, what began as a dream is today a full portfolio of products, with recognitions both domestic and international, that meet the needs of today’s consumer.

Focused on the elaboration of quality organic wines, during the last decade Emiliana has become one of the most relevant organic and biodynamic wineries in the world. Today, we are present in the most important winemaking valleys in Chile, reflecting the harmony between the highest quality wines and respect for the environment and people.